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Wood Flour sawdust Manufacturing in Turkey

What is Wood Flour?

Wood flour can be explained as  very finely pulverized sawdust. After pulverization, wood flour is filtered in different mesh sizes according to the needs. In this way, you have a fine wood flour free from lumps,  chunks or small wood parts.

What is wood flour made of?

Many different types of trees can be used to make wood flour. The type of tree you choose has a big impact on the quality of the wood flour you get.

We provide wood flour made of trees such as beech, hornbeam, oak and pine.

What is the difference between wood flour and sawdust?

The difference between wood flour and sawdust  is the fineness. In other words, wood flour is pulverized and filtered in different mesh sizes unlike sawdust. That is why you can’t see any lumps or chunks in wood flour.

What is wood flour used for?

Wood flour is an excellent filler for a variety of items so it is an essential element used  in many sectors for different products.  Wood flour is the main ingredient for;

  • WPC manufacturers
  • Bakelite manufacturers
  • Linoleum floor coverings
  • Wood composite building products
  • Plastic composite products
  • Fur dressing process in the mink industry etc…

wood mill flour manufacture

Every sector requires different type of wood flours. The type of tree used to pulverize and the mesh size differ according to the needs of each sector.

In our factory, we provide any mesh size for different type of trees such as beech, hornbeam, oak and pine.

With 200 tons/per month capasity, we provide fine wood flour for domestic and international manufacturers.

Factory Tel & Address

Firuzköy Mahallesi, Karaibrahim Caddesi, Eflatun Sokak, No: 33

Avcılar – İstanbul – Türkiye

Mobil: +90 541 3224425 ( whatsapp availale )
Tel: +90 212 706 1 400
Faks:+90 212 706 1 447

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