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Wood smoke wood micronized manufacturer company in Turkey | Talaşsan


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Wood smoke wood micronized manufacturer company in Turkey

Wood smoke wood micronized manufacturer company in Turkey

Fine beech wood shavings

Beech wood chips

Micronized beech wood

Beech wood flour

Beech wood sawdust

Beech wood for smoking

If you are looking for fine beech wood shavings, beech wood chips, micronized beech wood, beech wood flour, beech wood sawdust and beech wood for smoking, you are at the right place.

With our 200 tons /per month capacity, We supply beech wood shavings (sawdust to flour) to many sectors.

When it comes to beech wood shavings, Talassan is the only supplier with high quality product range in Turkey.

In our factory, we carry out productions on our valued customers’demands. Our production facility is located in Avcilar, Istanbul.

We supply beech wood shavings in desired sizes and fineness with our wood crusher machines and micronizer machines.

For your dry beech wood shavings requests, we prepare oven dried wood shavings at the humidity values ​​you want.

If you need wood shavings/chips either in bag or bulk,  We can send your order in bags or in bulk.

Our job is just to produce wood sawdust and chips so we are the only corporate wood  chip factory in Turkey.  Our company working in 35 different sectors have also been exporting wood shavings and chips abroad.

We are here to be your corporate solution partner for your sawdust needs.

You can call us for your beech wood and hornbeam  sawdust needs.


Address: Firuzköy Mahallesi, Karaibrahim Caddesi, Eflatun Sokak, No: 33

Avcılar – İstanbul – Türkiye

Mobil: +90 541 3224425 ( whatsapp available )
Tel: +90 212 706 1 400
Faks:+90 212 706 1 447

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